Miles Davis

Miles Davis

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Username * mr-miley
Country * United Kingdom
City Swansea
Nationality British (Cornish)



I'm 38, have a wife (Tash), a daughter (holly, 9), 3 dogs (2 Rottweilers and a Shih Tzu). I work for a geotechnical consultants in South Wales, UK and have been messing round with comuters for about 14 years. I am an Technical Illustrator by training, spent 4 years in college learning how to do it, and then managed to leave college the year computers started to take over the artwork world... ho hum, just my luck really. I muck around with a bit of software called Terragen. A landscape generator and renderer (the best), but I have been using Corel Draw and Photoapaint since version 2. Thats about it really. I enjoy reading, films, mucking around with computers, and stuff....

Oh yeah, we have a cat and a love bird too.....


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